Angel Perfumes – French Romance at Its Best

One of the most amazing stories about the protection afforded by angels comes from the early days of the First World War. Fact or fiction? Now you can judge for yourself.

Although we humans have a personal guardian angel, when dire circumstances arise, a higher form of being, called an archangel, can be called upon to help.

It is said that archangels have a direct line to Jesus and it certainly seemed that way on August 23rd 1914, just nineteen days into World War One. This was the British army’s first battle with the German army and , like much of the fighting in that war, took place in Belgium near a town that will always be synonymous with deeds of angels — Mons. 3333 angel number meaning

The British troops, whilst marching to join up with the Fifth French forces, came across the entire 38 divisions of the German First Army. Being only 70,000 men, the British were hopelessly outnumbered. But the British were very adept at swift firing and reloading of their rifles and inflicted a highly disproportionate number of casualities on the Germans. Against all the odds, the British managed to fight the massive German First Army to a standstill and make a tactical withdrawal. This contrasted heavily with the rapid collapse of the nearby Fifth French Army.

Afterwards, various tales of divine intervention began to be told. Some said it took the form of an angel on a white horse with a flaming sword, who threw a protective cloak around the British. Others claimed to have seen Saint George, the patron saint of England, whilst others claimed to have seen the Bowmen of Agincourt. No doubt all was grist to the mill of the spin doctors at the British War Office. In the fog of war they were doubtless happy to perpetuate the myth God was on the side of the British, if for no other reason than to increase recruitment.

It’s interesting that the legend of the Bowmen of Agincourt should also surface at that time. Agincourt was a famous British victory, in similar circumstances of very uneven numbers, when the bedraggled English Army of King Henry V faced a far superior French Army on October 25th, 1415. That astonishing victory — also won against great odds — was attributed to a shower of arrows from angels. Probably closer to the truth was the fact that the weather was foul, having been raining for days, and the heavy horses carrying the heavily armored French knights simply got stuck in the quagmire of the battlefield and were slaughtered in vast numbers by the more agile English archers and foot soldiers.



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